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Networking has become one of our constant practices to climb up the business and the career ladder as well and, certainly it is easier to talk about it than to practice it skillfully.

To improve your networking it is important to focus on communicative skills such as:

  1. Non-verbal communication: facial expressions, your body language and stance, and even your position towards your co-speaker. 

2. Emotional intelligence: be mindful of the ways you convey, interact with others, and even tackle issues and discussions that may come up during the conversation.  Watch your tone of voice, the language you use, and even your urgency to speak over others. These are all elements that can make or break your networking. 

3. Social intelligence: encompass your ability to get along and understand other people. This may oftentimes mean being open to subtle hints, or “reading” the situation in a certain social setting. 

4. Self-confidence: practice and strengthen your confidence by doing some of the following: 

  • Maintain eye contact with the speaker.
  • Speak in a friendly tone.
  • Prepare something to discuss in advance.

Before jumping into your next networking event, don’t forget to consider:

Networking is to interact with people from common professional and social circles to build two-sided beneficial ties.

Networking is primarily used in business.

Some of the most important networking skills include active listening, communication, confidence, positivity, and public speaking.

Being aware of your body languagepreparing a safety net, and asking open-ended questions are among the most useful tips to improve your networking.

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