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The art of introducing yourself

If you are about to set yourself up for new businesses, new relationships, or opportunities, don’t hesitate to move beyond the traditional introduction strategies. Today it is essential to give your new acquaintances the chance to know who you really are.

Take your time to craft a bold, compelling, authentic, and unique introduction. Take the proper time and effort to consider all the elements that might help you in achieving your core objectives, have in mind that as the world of work continues to change in ways we can’t anticipate, knowing what sets you apart from the pack is crucial.

Go beyond your title, focus on what problems can you solve and how your expertise can add value in all contexts. Knowing your strengths is an excellent way to prove soft skills. Be resourceful and track back all the valuable insights that can help others to understand who you are, your background, and how your previous experiences have built your nowadays success.

Talk about your passion, your dreams, and your motivations, remember that creating empathy and reciprocity is the foundation of a good relationship, communicate your emotions and enthusiasm will prime others to respond in kind.

Be open to feedback and input, people love to contribute and enrich a conversation with someone interesting. Be concise, precise, clear, and embrace change.

Next time you are asked «What do you do?» remember that you are not just your job.

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Come and learn with us

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