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Training and labor market in Mexico

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¨There is only one thing worse than training your employees and having them leave. Do not train them and let them stay.¨ Henry Ford

The human being is a being of constant learning. In the professional stage of their development, training and education offer forms of continuing education. Knowledge, skills, and competencies are acquired that are essential to achieve efficiency and excellence in the performance of tasks, functions, and responsibilities.

Training is a strategic educational process that seeks to change attitudes and strengthen profiles.

The new work culture seeks to promote the training of workers and employers continuously in the search to improve the standard of living of individuals and to optimize the quality of an organization, thus causing benefits for both.

However, it is a reality that most companies pay little attention to training and education programs (technical training), which in the long term represents a common problem for all companies. Staff turnover, psychosocial risks, workplace accidents, and high rework costs are some of the consequences experienced by companies that see training as an expense rather than an investment.

Training programs must include the comprehensive development of individuals within the organization, that is, they must take into account both soft skills and professional and job skills. The construction of high-performance teams begins with a solid training process that can be enhanced through the use of technology to reduce costs and broaden the range of impact.

From the local to the global, the result of continuing education processes is the psychological, social, technological, and economic development of individuals, teams, organizations, and countries.

Paradoxically, and despite the great importance of micro, small, and medium enterprises in Mexico, they hardly have updated and dynamic training programs. And, in general, training programs have not been a central demand of unions or work groups.

It is clear that education and training must be considered a fundamental tool of the public policies of a country. So much, to guarantee the entrance to the employment, the permanence in the same, as the reconversion towards another activity in case of its loss. Therefore, accompanying the regulations, a stimulus program should be designed to strengthen the promotion and development of education throughout life.

The current trends that determine the behavior of companies are taking shape around globalization and in accordance with technological progress. A significant part of the competitive advantages of the economic activity resides in the baggage of knowledge, skills, abilities, and capacities that the labor force possesses. However, in Mexico, training and development programs are extremely scarce and limited. The administration of human resources has as one of its tasks to provide human training, required by the needs of the positions of the organization.

Recognizing the importance of training and the development of continuing education programs for companies, as well as the introduction of change management schemes that lead to new work culture, will result in increased productivity and competitiveness of workers and of companies.

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