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What can English do for you?

Climbing up the professional ladder might be quite a challenge in a business environment as competitive as today’s.

Without a doubt, soft skills are more valued by organizations today than ever before, and re-skilling processes include language learning as part of the new skills set to effectively respond to worldwide opportunities.

English remains as the language for international negotiations and commercial transactions. For many scholars and linguistics specialists, English is still the icon of globalisation and diversification.

Keeping English as a global language into the fore coming years will imply more than reading the news, listening to music, or watching series in English, it will require us to develop critical thinking, decision making and social abilities with a full cultural immersion.

The proficiency in the language might help you to develop different competences such as leadership, adaptability, change management and will set you ready for managing international projects and multicultural teams.

Did you know that approximately a quarter of the global population is already fluent or competent in English? Whilst it is true that other languages (such as Mandarin, French and German) are widely spread as second languages, none of these can match the continuous growth of English as a second or foreign language.

Furthermore, English is also considered as an important element of prestige and power in many spheres of life, such as education, politics, social, media and many more. In this context, new generations need to be empowered to effectively compete globally in all areas of development, specially digital transformation and foreign language learning.

Are you fully skilled for the new challenges of the professional and business environments globally?

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